The Use of the Symbol on the Scouts’ Thanks Badge
Brass, Silver, and Gold Thanks Badges featuring Swastika imagery

Lone Scout Degrees or Ranking System
  • Lone Scout Contributor (LSC),
  • Lone Scout Scribe (LSS),
  • Lone Scout Graduate (LSG) and
  • Lone Scout Quill (LSQ).
  • Lone Scout Organizer (LSO) and
  • Lone Scout Booster (LSB).

  • Broderick Crawford:  Academy Award-winning actor
  • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.:  Actor and decorated Navy officer who fought in World War II
  • Orval Faubus:  Six-term governor of Arkansas
  • Hubert Humphrey:  Mayor of Minneapolis and thirty-either Vice President of the United States
  • Burl Ives:  Academy Award-winning American actor and acclaimed folk music singer and author.
  • Fred MacMurray:  Actor and star of Follow Me Boys, a 1966 Disney movie about Boy Scouts
  • Don McNeill:  Radio personality, best known as the creator and host of The Breakfast Club.
  • Vincent Schaefer:  Chemist and meteorologist who developed cloud seeding.

  • The Piankeshaw Council #739, headquartered in Danville (Illinois) was founded in 1926.  A regional non-OA honor society, the Tribe of Gimogash was active in this council from 1918 until 1930, when it was replaced with Swastika Lodge (55), whose totem was the thunderbird.  The lodge changed its name in 1935 to the Waukheon Lodge (55), possibly due to Nazi Germany’s appropriation of the ancient swastika symbol.  The lodge totem and the translation of its name was “thunderbird.”

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