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Introduction to Dr. Robert Lynn Horne
Founder | Executive Director
World Scouting Museum Dedication and Mission

AUDIO: Museum Dedication

Claude and Solange Marchel

The Marchel Collection at the World Scouting Museum

BONUS AUDIO: How the Marchel Collection came to the World Scouting Museum Under Construction

BONUS AUDIO: Why the Las Vegas International Scouting Museum moved to West Virginia and changed its name to the World Scouting Museum Under Construction

Tour Stop #1
Unknown Japanese Soldier of Bougainville Island

AUDIO: The Unknown Japanese Scout

Tour Stop #2
The Siege of Mafeking during the South African War (Second Boer War) October 11, 1899, to May 31, 1902

AUDIO: The South African War or the 2nd Boer War

AUDIO: The Siege of Mafeking

Mafeking Runs Out!

BONUS AUDIO: Mafeking Runs Out! Currency and Stamps

Tour Stop #3
Mafeking Cadet Corps

AUDIO: The Mafeking Cadet Corps

Tour Stop #4
The Birth of The Boy Scout Association in the
United Kingdom

In the first edition of Scouting for Boys (1908) Baden-Powell referred to the Scout’s Badge as an arrowhead.

He said “The Scout’s badge is the arrowhead, which shows the north on a map or on the compass. It is the badge of the scout in the Army because he shows the way: so to a peace Scout shows the way in doing his duty and helping others.”

AUDIO: The Birth of the Scouting Movement

Brown Sea Island Scout Camp

BONUS AUDIO: Brownsea Island Scout Camp

Scouting for Boys

BONUS AUDIO: Scouting for Boys

Here Come the (Wolf) Cub Scouts! The Wolf-Cub’s Handbook

BONUS AUDIO: Here Come the (Wolf-) Cub Scouts

Robert Baden-Powell and Rudyard Kipling: Commissioner of Wolf Cubs

BONUS AUDIO: Baden-Powell and Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book and Scouting

BONUS AUDIO: The Jungle Book and Scouting


BONUS AUDIO: Akela and Scouting

Tour Stop #5
Dimitrious’ Greek Scout Belt Buckle
Please head this way to learn about Dimitrious and Sacramento Woodbadge Training

AUDIO: Woodbadge Training Course in Sacramento, CA and Dimitrious

Messengers of Peace

AUDIO: Messengers of Peace

At this point please enjoy the Museum in whatever order you would like.
Please look through the metal frames and open drawers that you find as there are more than you can see in one trip!
More information on the history of Scouting and items in our Museum are featured below.

The Boy Scouts of America | Scouts BSA | Scouting America

AUDIO: The Founding of the Boy Scouts of America

The Legend of the Unknown Scout
The Unknown Scout Monument was dedicated on Feb. 13, 1948, at Sierra Madre, California

AUDIO: The Legend of the Unknown Scout

Facts Behind the Legend of the Unknown Scout
Illustration of the Unknown Scout and Boyce

BONUS AUDIO: Facts Behind the Legend of the Unknown Scout

The Unknown Scout’s Silver Buffalo Award

BONUS AUDIO: Story of the Unknown Scouts’ Silver Buffalo Award

Important Figures in Scouting History

W.D. Boyce

AUDIO: W.D. Boyce June 16, 1858 – June 11, 1929

Ernest Thompson Seton
Chief Scout Boy Scouts of America 1910-1915

AUDIO: Ernest Thompson Seton August 14, 1860 – October 23, 1946-

The Chief Scout

Daniel Carter Beard
100th Anniversary book Chapter 1

AUDIO: Daniel Carter Beard June 21, 1850 – June 11, 1941

James E. West 1st Chief Scout Executive
Boy Scouts of America 1911-1943

AUDIO: James E. West and the Boy Scouts of America

Green Bar Bill Hillcourt

AUDIO: Greenbar Bill Hillcourt

Green Bar Bill Signature from Boys Life
Article written for Boys Life by Green Bat Bill in April 1960

BONUS AUDIO: Green Bar Bill and Boys Life

Waite Phillips
Waite Phillips former owner of Philmont Scout Ranch

AUDIO: Waite Phillips

The Art of the Scouting Movement

Norman Rockwell and Boy’s Life
Norman Rockwell in his Scouting Uniform taken 1965

AUDIO: Norman Rockwell gets his start in Boy’s Life

Joesph Csatari: Apprentice and Successor to Rockwell
Norman Rockwell and Joseph Csatari Photo Courtesy of the Saturday Evening Post

AUDIO: Csatari and his time with the BSA

Birth of the Cub Scouts in America
The logo of Cub Scouts of America used since 1917

AUDIO: The Birth of Cubs Scouts in America

Boy Rangers of America

BONUS AUDIO: Before the Cub Scouts, Meet the Boy Rangers

Order of the Arrow

AUDIO: Order of the Arrow, What is it?

The Founding of the Order of the Arrow
Umer Goodman- Founder of the Order of the Arrow and the Unami Lodge
Carrol A. Edison Co-Founder of the Order of the Arrow and the Unami Lodge

AUDIO: The Founding of the Order of the Arrow

Membership in the Order of the Arrow

AUDIO: Membership in the Order of the Arrow

Ordeal Member of the OA

BONUS AUDIO: Ordeal Member

Brotherhood Member of the OA

BONUS AUDIO: Brotherhood Member

Vigil Honor of the OA

BONUS AUDIO: Vigil Honor

National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)