What is a docent? A docent is a person who acts as a guide, typically on a voluntary basis, in a museum, art gallery, or zoo.

We are in need of any volunteers that would be interested in becoming a Docent for the Museum.

Who is a good fit to be a Docent? ANYONE who has an interest in Scouting has a lot of prior knowledge about Scouting and is interested in volunteering their time. Most Docents are typically Students on summer break OR Retirees who want to keep busy during the Weekdays.

What will I have to do as a Docent? A Docent will be trained on how to give tours in the Museum in most cases, but if that is not something that you are interested in then you can help our staff with accessioning and cataloging items within our collection.

Why should I become a Docent? How will it help the Museum and Community?

Becoming a Docent helps us in many ways, but the most important way is to serve as a resource for Scouts working on their Eagle Scout Rank and Gold Award via Service Projects at our Museum. You could help a Scouter finish their journey which is a priceless and rewarding experience.

Docents will also be instrumental in helping us have Fundraising Events in the future. We have a very small staff and even one day of volunteering a week would help us out so much!

World Scouting Museum Docent Information


Docents are trained volunteers who provide educational services for museum visitors. They provide a welcoming environment, guide visitors through the museum and programs, and help to care for the collections. Docents typically volunteer a few shifts a week or a few times a month with an organization.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Greet and welcome visitors.
  • Conduct museum tours for approximately one hour in length for audiences of diverse backgrounds which may
    include school-age children, young adults, educators, seniors, visitors with special needs, and those for whom
    English is not their first language.
  • Maintain the security of the collection during tours.
  • Lead tours and programs for which you are trained.
  • Continually be aware and keep informed about changes in the exhibits.
  • Represent the World Scouting Museum in a professional and courteous manner to members of the visiting public.
  • Interact with program participants and visitors in a positive and engaging manner.
  • Ensure tours and programs are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Ensure tour and program materials are properly handled and maintained.
  • Assist with the set-up and take-down of program materials.


  • Interest in working with people.
  • Comfortable speaking in front of groups.
  • Desire to learn about Scouting and history and share their knowledge.
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Flexibility, enthusiasm, and an attitude of respect for working with diverse staff and visitors.
  • Physically able to lead tours around the museum.
  • Interest in learning and teaching. Experience in education or teaching may be helpful, but not required.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy.
  • An attitude of tolerance and respect for all people’s points of view.

Training & Commitments:

  • Docents will be considered “In-Training” until they have completed the initial training course.
  • Follow and observe at least three different tours for museum tours
  • Docents are expected to volunteer at the Museum at least twice per month. Docents are not allowed to Volunteer more than 40 hours in a week Sun-Sat. Docents must be able to volunteer at least 3 hours per day.
  • Docents are asked to notify the Museum Curator or another member of staff if they are unable to make it to their Volunteered Shift.
  • Keep a personal copy of the directory and handbook up to date.
  • Keep an updated list of all Tours completed during Volunteered Shift and the Type of Ticket Purchased on the Tally Sheet.


  • Opportunities for continuing education and personal growth through field trips, training, tours, guest lectures,
    and more.
  • A community of colleagues and friends.
  • Become a part of the team at a world-class museum.
  • Giving back to the community through education.
  • Participate in a variety of social events.
  • Help Scouters achieve their Eagle and Gold Awards.
  • Share the Brother and Sisterhood of Scouting and its history with others.

Applicants will be interviewed prior to acceptance to the program.

Applicants may apply at any time.

To APPLY please send us an email at WSMWVCurator@gmail.com with your information so we can reach back out to you and get some more information. You can also sign up at our Museum which is at 1615 Washington Street East Charleston, WV 25311

OR You can sign up via our link over at Zeffy HERE! https://www.zeffy.com/en-US/volunteering/3d971880-c52a-4feb-818e-83bc3b1acc8e

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