Below you will find links to all the Order of the Arrow Lodges and the patches that we have on display.

We are looking to add any missing issues from lodge issues to our collection, and we could use your help to make that happen! Please reach out to the Museum, mail us a package of donations with clear information about who you are and where you were involved with Scouting, or stop by to drop off any missing Order of the Arrow Lodge Patch Issues. If you have any questions please reach out to the Museum Curator @

Please be advised this area is still under construction at this time. – World Scouting Museum We are in the process of adding photos and the numerous other Lodges that have come and gone in the past. All the current Order of the Arrow Lodges should be available to view. If you find an empty page that means we do not have any patches to show for that lodge at this time and need donations. .

These links will be updated with new pages as we build them and add them to the website. Please let us know if you would like us to send you photos of a specific lodge in hopes of donating something if your page is not completed as of yet!

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