If you are interested in Donating to the Museum you can do that in person with Cash or through our Fundraising Partner Zeffy!

The money you donate to the World Scouting Museum will go to many things.

Some of the most important are Americorps Volunteers’ salaries, utility costs, exhibit creation, and A/V elements to enhance our current exhibits.

If you choose to donate you will be given a Donation receipt that can be used on your Taxes!

Please use the link below to Donate today!


This donation will help a lot to achieve our mission. Thank you for helping us share OUR shared history with others.

People like you help us keep the lights on and fund internships that help to further expand the impact we can have on our Community.

We sincerely appreciate you and hope that in the future you will consider donating again!

The World Scouting Museum is dedicated to:

-Show the magnitude of the influence Scouting has had on individuals, families, communities, countries, and the world.

-Communicate the continuing significance of Scouting’s historical values and principles to present and future generations.

-Promote World Peace by acknowledging and demonstrating the similarities of youth in every country and culture.

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