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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the International Scouting Museum

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The Las Vegas International Scouting Museum is dedicated to:

Showing the magnitude of the influence Scouting has had on individuals, families, communities, countries and the world.

Communicating the continuing significance of Scouting’s historical values and principles to present and future generations.

Promoting World Peace by acknowledging and demonstrating the similarities of youth in every country and culture.


Disseminate the inspirational stories of individuals whose lives have been impacted and changed by the Scouting program and its timeless ideals and values.

Be the foremost repository of International Scouting memorabilia.

What's New

Thanks BadgeEvery once in a while, someone will find a "charm" in a jewellery box that has a scout emblem on a swastika.  The first response is often alarm because they think scouts supported the Nazis in some way.  Of course, the answer is no but Swastikas in Scouting is an interesting subject and the museum has a history page that talks about the swastika and more (the last update was 3/29/19).

Camp OckanickonBoth International postcards and Scout Camp postcards are being added all the time.  Some are very old, some are not so old.  You'll enjoy seeing early scenes, scout portraits and more.  Stop in at postcards (postcards is part of Exhibits) to see scouting history.

If you can identify a Scout camp, let us know and the postcard will be updated to reflect the name of the camp.  You can contact Craig Murray by email.

If you have any other questions about scout memorabilia, please contact James Arriola (, the museum's curator.


Craig Murray

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