Piet Kroonenberg

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Piet has been a Scout since he took his Cub Scout Promise on his eighth birthday.  During World War II he was active in Scouting in the Netherlands at a time when it was illegal and everything had to be "underground".  After the war he worked with displaced persons, some of whom were Scouts eager to continue Scouting wherever they went.  Over the years he volunteered much of his time as a member of Scouting Nederland, often working in functions with an international dimension.

His interest in Exile Scout Movements and the Scouting left behind in their countries of origin, has led to substantial research and eventually the writing of The Forgotten Movements which was published in 1989.  He continued his research, and at the request of Jacques Morellion, Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, expanded the book into The Undaunted, Volume 1 (c.1998) and Volume 2 (c.2003).  Volume 1 includes Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, and Armenia.  Volume 2 includes Albania, Estonia, Lithuania, and Viet Nam.  These books can be purchased in our online store.

Piet is the Historical Consultant to the European Scout Committee.  He has received many awards, including in 1996 the Bronze Wolf.  This award is given by the World Scout Committee for outstanding service to International Scouting.

J.'s brothers Scout Badge
The Scout badge worn by one of J.'s brothers from the 1937 Jamboree until 1941.