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Old Baldy Council CSPs & JSPs

This collection came from Craig Murray.  Craig was a unit leader in Old Baldy for 20 years and as a Scoutmaster, he made sure the boys in his Troop always obtained the most significant SME/FOS CSP of the year and thus began his Old Baldy collection.

As an Advisor, Craig took members of his Post/Crew to jamborees in a number of countries and his unit would always develop a special CSP for the event which were used for trading and fund raising.

In 2005, Craig also modified the colors of the councils normal CSP to Venturing colors (SA-49) which was used as a fund raiser for the Venturing Officers' Association.  There were many complements of how nice it looked on the Venturing uniform.  In addition, Craig designed several of the council's FOS patches.